The New Cross-Platform Azure PowerShell Module Az is Here

I’m sitting in a hotel bar in Kalmar looking out on a dark eastern sea and I can see the far away lights of the island Öland. Tomorrow I will do the first day of a two-day Azure workshop with a customer. This blog post is definitively something I will talk about tomorrow.

Microsoft has just released their new Azure PowerShell module called Az. This module is cross-platform and works on both PowerShell 5.1 and PowerShell Core (Windows, Linux, Mac).

It replaces the old AzureRM module and it can be downloaded from the PowerShell gallery and it has already been included in the Azure Cloud Shell. If you have scripts using the old AzureRM module they will continue to work since aliases for backward compatibility are included. You can toggle aliases with Enable/Disable-AzureRmAlias.

The AzureRM module will continue to be supported but new functionality will only be released for the Az module. Because of that, you should conciser migrating. Also note that the Azure Automation team has not updated .NET to the required version so you can’t use Az in Azure Automation yet.

More information about the brand new Az module can be found here.

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