MEM Enrollment Slideshow – Corporate iOS Device via Apple Configurator

This blog post is part of a series of posts showing how the enrollment process for smartphones in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (previously Intune) looks. These posts are not meant as end user guidance but as cheat sheets for IT pros working with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

I find it valuable to quickly be able to go back and check how a certain scenario looks and how it compares to other scenarios. I hope this can be valuable to others as well!

All covered enrollment scenarios:

Enrollment Conditions

In this scenario I’m setting up a corporate owned iPhone 8 device with iOS 13.3 via Apple Configurator 2 running on a Mac. The device enrolls in MEM with the Company Portal app as part of the process. I’m using the Company Portal approach since this organization requires MFA for authentication and the Apple Setup Assistant doesn’t support modern authentication when I write this.

This scenario requires the user to have a personal Apple ID if the organization has not enrolled in Apple Business Manager.

Enrollment Date

8th of January 2020


Apple iPhone 8

iOS version


Apple Configurator version


macOS version

Catalina 10.15.2

Number of manual steps for the iPhone-installation

12 steps (depending on what you hide from the user)

Number of manual steps for the Intune enrollment

5 steps

Total number of manual steps

17 steps

Step by Step Slideshow

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apple Configurator 2 (on a Mac)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

iPhone Setup

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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