MEM Enrollment Slideshow – Corporate Fully Managed Android Device via QR Code

This blog post is part of a series of posts showing how the enrollment process for smartphones in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (previously Intune) looks. These posts are not meant as end user guidance but as cheat sheets for IT pros working with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

I find it valuable to quickly be able to go back and check how a certain scenario looks and how it compares to other scenarios. I hope this can be valuable to others as well!

All covered enrollment scenarios:

Enrollment Conditions

In this scenario I’m setting up a corporate owned Samsung Galaxy A10 device with Android 9 and enrolls it to MEM in the Android Enterprise Fully Managed scenario by scanning a QR Code from the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

The key here is to physically knock on the device screen at first the Let’s go screen. This will open up the “secret” QR code camera scanner in Android. Scan the QR code in the admin portal (or print it to have it always available) to kick of the Fully Managed setup process.

In this scenario the organization have full control of the device. This scenario doesn’t require the user to have a personal Google account.

Enrollment Date

3rd of January 2020


Samsung Galaxy A10

Android version


Android security patch level

1 October 2019

One UI version


Knox version


Total number of manual steps

19 steps

Step by Step Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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5 thoughts on “MEM Enrollment Slideshow – Corporate Fully Managed Android Device via QR Code

  1. Hello Daniel I seem to have found your information under a picture in my photo gallery and I’m not real good on computers or with tech stiff seems people really have been playing with my phones and accounts and I would like to ask for your helping any way that I can get them back the same way hey please. Shits been going hay wire on both my phones stuff going missing and accounts doing what they want and I didn’t set them up. Can u email me back and try to help me p l ease someway to stop them and reverse what they have done and maybe give me a clue as to who it is.. They trying to send me crazy and I want to no if I’m right about what I think or I’m just being silly. Thank you very much. Michael.

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