The Microsoft Cloud Treasure Map


The Microsoft Cloud Treasure MapIf you love information technology, as me and many others do, then you most probably are an explorer. You find it exciting to try out new tech and you push yourself to learn the latest stuff. This exploration is what drives me and it is probably the reason why I will never get tired of my job. Never stop learning! The exploration part also inspired this little side project.

Sometimes, I compare the Microsoft cloud platform with a big ocean filled with islands to explore. It’s not uncommon to find hidden gems and treasures that will make your life a bit easier. To illustrate for my customers (and myself) how big this ocean is I decided to create an infographic treasure map listing important services and features in the Microsoft cloud. I’m also planning on using this as a cheat sheet when explaining and presenting the Microsoft cloud.

This map is my own view of the Microsoft cloud and it’s by no means a complete list of products and services. The idea is to give a glimpse of what you can do on the plattform. Feel free to steal the map (like a real pirate) if you find it useful. You can then head out on your own exploration and find out more information on services that interests you.

Good luck!

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