The Excel version of my Azure AD Conditional Access Policy Design Baseline is Now Available Online

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks in me and my families off-grid cabin with no running water and no electricity. It’s a primitive lifestyle and, ironically enough, that’s where I go to fuel my batteries. Now I’m online ones again and ready for a new year of exciting Microsoft cloud adventures.

During my summer vacation I’ve gotten a lot of requests for an Excel version of my Conditional Access policy design baseline. The baseline is in version five and it has protected tens of thousands of users for the last two years. Conditional Access strategies has been one of my primary focus areas and more and more customers are looking into zero-trust as their next step on the security journey.

See my original post from 2018

Feel free to implement this baseline if you find it valuable. Also, feel free to use the Excel spreadsheet as a template for your own design. I’ll make sure to PM anyone who expressed their interest in the Excel version.

Download the Excel version here!

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